Monday, March 10, 2008

The Car...

Oh my goodness...

We are in a state of shock and awe...

This is bigger than we even imagined! But then, that is just like God to do something so BIG!

Have I got your attention? Are you sitting down? Can I keep you in suspense any longer???
NO? Okay, okay...I let you in on what God is doing.

We just received a call from very close friends of ours who said that they are ready to send out a challenge to all of our reading audience...yeah, that's you! =) They are willing to MATCH up to $6,000 for the car. Yes, that's right...$6,000 (six thousand). Your eyes are not decieving you. That means that whatever amount you give (up to $6,000) is automatically doubled because they are matching dollar for dollar! Wow! Can anybody say WOW!?

Well, what are you waiting for? Get back to praying about how much God is laying on your heart. Are you scared? I know, I would be too! He might ask you to do something you hadn't thought of either. We stepped out in faith and sent off a deposit for the car not knowing how God was going to provide it back and look what happened. It's a challenge! We DARE you to believe that God can do something BIG in you and through you!

Now stop avoiding it and take a few minutes to pray.

God will provide whatever He asks of you! He will prove Himself Faithful to you also!


Cheizi said...


wow wow wow.

God is soooooo good!

Nice wheels :P

The Wright's said...

The favor of the LORD is on the Burge family in Santo Domingo!!!
Praise GOD for His blessings on you guys!
I know that the Bible said that we shouldn't be pridefull, but.....
That is a very nice SUV!!!!!
May the LORD continue to bless you all.
The Wrights.