Monday, May 26, 2008

Go God!...Go God!

We wanted to share some good news with you! We have been praying for so many different things in our lives and we are seeing things happen!

1st ~ Thank you to those of you who have given towards the purchase of the car. We have well over 1/2 of the funds needed to pay for the car! We still need $4,354.00 to meet our goal but we are well on the way! Yeah! Can I have a round of applause?! =) *big smiles* If you haven't heard about this please look back in our blog and read all about the car and the donations. You can still help us to meet the need to pay off the car by sending a check to:

Bethel Worship Center
814 Fair Street
Camden, SC 29020
**Please write Burge or Car on the memo line**

2nd ~ I will be having the arthroscopic knee surgery on June 9th. Though I don't want to think about the needles and stitches I am very happy that it is going to be worked on. Thank you to Dr. Jim Price and all of his nurses and staff that will be coming with him. Also thank you to Kristy Engel for thinking of me and informing me about him. Yeah!! I am believing for a speedy recovery. Dr. Price thinks I should be back up and running within 2 weeks time after the surgery which will be just in time for our home church in Camden, SC to arrive and work at Restoration Ranch.

3rd ~ We will be having a great friend of ours, John Woods, visit us June 3rd - June 10th.

4th ~ We have made a decision about the whole Agape vs. Restoration Ranch deal. We have volunteered to help the couple who will be replacing us as Field Directors for Agape. They will be arriving in mid to late July. We had hoped that we would be able to continue with both but that was not given as an option so we are transitioning out of that role. We ask that you pray for John & Sarah who will be replacing us as they are coming in expecting their second child within a few weeks of their arrival. It is enough to go through culture shock but to do so while being a few weeks from delivering a baby, not really knowing any Spanish, and taking on a ministry is a bit overwhelming. We offered to continue running things until November so that they could have the baby in the States but they are eager to get here so we have gathered names for an Ob-Gyn who speaks English, a good pediatrician who also speaks English and we will help them to settle in as much as possible.
We will continue to help the missionary community as we have the entire time we have been here as well as working with teams to continue to build at Restoration Ranch. In fact, there will be a team here May 31st - June 7th.

5th ~ This also means that we will be house-hunting so please pray with us as we begin the search. We are praying for another house where we can house teams, a safe neighborhood, a Godly landlord/lady, and a great location at a great price. Once all get to share in the experience of watching God work on our behalf. We know He already has the perfect house picked out for us we just need to find it! ;)

Well, that's the update for now. Please email us, write us or call us. We would love to hear from you. You can email us at Look for more updates on the blog soon!

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