Saturday, July 12, 2008

A New Place to call "Home"

Yeah, that's right...we found a new home. Thank you for all of your prayers. We found a home in a section called Arroyo Hondo. It is a secure, gated community which is a big relief to both Greg and myself. Though we finally gained the peace of the Lord after the break-in, I can't say that we have been able to sleep as soundly as we did before. Some of you know, after having been here to visit, that every house you pass has bars on the windows and doors and a large gate guarding the entrance to each individual house and when we drove through the new neighborhood we actually found homes without the gates, without bars on the windows and doors which says to us that this is really well guarded.

I, Melynda, made a list of things I would like in the next house and God meet all but one item which was the large kitchen like I had before. He has given me ideas on how to make the smaller kitchen work though so I am fine. The best part is that we will be in a gated/secure area with gurads at the only entrance/exit of the neighborhood and the kids will have the opportunity to ride bikes again without ingesting a load of pollution from cars and such. I can't wait to get out and talk a walk with my hubby and children in the evening or early in the morning. Another bonus is that we are neighbors with several other missionary families who have truly enjoyed living there. Yeah! Go God!

I hope to post pictures once we are in the new house. Thank you Lord for your continued provision, protection, and direction. Thank you friends and family for your prayers! We love you!

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