Monday, July 28, 2008

We're in...

We have moved into the house but our internet is problematic. We did have favor in that we were able to get phone/internet connections in 3 days and power was turned on after less than 48 hours which more than just favor it is more like a miracle here in the D.R. =) But our "new" modem is not working out to well so I am hoping that what I am typing will save and I won't lose it if the internet should decide to go off again. *ugh*

We are once again blessed because we have friends from the US (Florida actually) here to help us unpack, paint and set up the house. Jonathan, "Mr. B", Jesse, Jen Doll and Gideon (Jonathan's son) flew down to help us. They are all from BCS and they have been able to make several trips here to help and build relationships in several orphanages over the last year and a half. When we talked with Jonathan (a.k.a. Mr. J) and told him that we may be moving he talked with the others and they decided that they wanted to come back to the D.R. again but this time they wanted to be a blessing and help us since we have been a blessing to them and to others. They bought tickets before we ever knew when we would be moving but God's timing is perfect and they arrived on Monday. They have their paint clothes on and they are busy painting the downstairs living room/den. We are so thankful! Also thankful to Betty Poppe (a.k.a. Betty "Crocker" Poppe) as that woman can cook! She is keeping our tanks full so we can keep on working. =)

I posted a few pictures so you can see something the boxes covering the floors the painting going on everywhere. Haha!

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