Thursday, March 26, 2009

A fireman in our family and "Did you hear that"?

We had a lot of excitement in our home today. As if we needed anymore of it. lol I must start at the beginning...

I told you in our last post about having a gas water heater downstairs. It is actually just outside of the bathroom downstairs in the laundry room. Well, we were enjoying having warm showers for a while, a nice break for the cold ones we usually have. Anyway, this morning Greg had taken a shower downstairs, then I did so we could go and run errands, buy food for the incoming team and such. We told Brittany that if she wanted a warm shower to take it downstairs and she said she would.

Off we go on our errands and just after we made our first 2 stops we receive a call from Matthew. He told us that the water heater had caught on fire and he had put it out. He was calling to ask what else he should do now that the fire was out. After getting back home and getting the full story we found out that Brittany had been in the shower. She said she was just singing Praise songs and had conditioner in her hair when she heard that still small voice tell her to, "Get out of the shower, now!". She said she started rinsing off to get out and that she heard the same voice (the Holy Spirit) tell her again, "Get out of the shower, NOW!" So she jumped out wrapped in a towel and looked out of the window to see the water heater consumed in flames. She ran to matthew and told him and asked him if he knew where I kept the fire extinguisher and he did so he ran to the kitchen to get it.

Brittany said that he came running back down the stairs with it and ran straight out to the fire and sprayed it like a real fireman and put it out completely. She said, "he was so calm!" she said she asked him after he came back in from putting out the fire if he had ever done that before and he said, "No!" She asked him how he knew what to do and he said he didn't. He said he was trying to read the directions while he was running down the stairs but it all looked like German to him and he couldn't read a word. He said he just looked at it and the thought came to him that the pin sticking out of it looked like one on a grenade so he decided to pull it out and see if he could get it to work. (Thanks to my brother, Brad, for the knowledge about grenades not that Matthew has ever pulled the pin on one of those.) He said he realized that it let the handle loose so he just aimed and sprayed. He backed up and waited a minute or so and looked for any remaining orange glow from anywhere and ran up and sprayed that then backed up again. He said that once it was all out he realized what God had just help him do and then he got a little shakey from it all.

After going out to the laundry room and assessing the damages we realized just how good God is and how tired our guardian angels must be ( ) because the fire could have happened while the kids were upstairs and it could have spread and caught the paint cans and cleaners that were on the opposite wall on fire, it could have followed the gas up the line and blown up the tank that is outside the kitchen window (how it did not only God knows). It could have engulfed the entire laundry room in flames in a matter of a few more minutes...but GOD. He was watching out for my family and for our home. While it did take us a few hours to clean up all that was burnt or charred we are so thankful that it did not spread any further. Go God!!

Later, as I was talking to Brittany about how she had listened and heeded the words of the Holy Spirit, she said there have been several times in the past, the last few weeks especially, when she feels like she heard that same small voice tell her to get up and close her door or close her window or other things and how, even she tought it was a strange idea or saw no real point in it, she would get up and do it anyway. I said that I experience the same thing a lot of times too and sometimes i follow through and sometimes I don't. Like when you lay something down somewhere and you immediately hear that voice or have that thought that says,"you shouldn't leave that there" and sometimes you move it but sometimes you don't and then you end up not being able to find it later or it gets broken or something and then you can think back and remember that "something" told you not to leave it there. I know you have experienced something similar, we all have. We talked about how that can be God using those small oportunities to train our ears to hear Him when He speaks. That we could be tuned in to His voice so that when He does speak to us to say, "get out of the shower" we will listen and obey.

He has such plans for you; plans for your welfare not for evil, to give you hope and a future, (Jeremiah 29:11) and even if you don't fully understand or believe it He cares about the things you care about and He is always there watching over you to protect you. However, you must have ears to hear and the willingness to follow through even when it may sound crazy or ridiculous to you like getting up to close your door or moving something to a different location. He loves you and those around you. Listen for Him today. Listen with your heart it might just save your life!

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Anonymous said...

Oh my...

I am feeling a little bit guilty for setting you up with that shakey water heater set up. Maybe I should have listened to that little voice that said it was not the best situation.

That being said, I am so proud of your new fireman. Sounds like he handled it like a pro!

I will continue to pray for you... and your hot water... God's blessings to you all.