Saturday, March 7, 2009

Team RC

Things are coming right along on Restoration Ranch. A team from Restoration Church in Spartanburg just left after working long and hard on the ranch. They were able to get a lot of work done in a short period of time.

I had the pleasure of working with Chris and Cliff in wiring one of the apartments of the first building. I learned a lot and had fun doing it. Greg and Matt had the manual labor side of things. They helped with everything from digging trenches for the plumbing of the septic system from the house to the septic tank to hauling cement and block. They worked hard. Brittany was cleaning the boxes were they were building the boxes for the drain system and she said she felt like an archelogist with her paintbrush in hand and gently but thoroughly brushing away the dirt so that the cement blocks and sealing would stay and not shift. Isaiah helped to shovel all of the excess dirt and rock and broken block up into wheel barrows for it to be wheeeled out of the apartments leaving behind cleaner and smoother floor areas that would be ready for the final pouring of the floor.

We also got to experience sleeping at Restoration Ranch. Greg, Brittany, and Matthew slept outside on cots under the gazebo while Isaiah and I share a small pup tent and slept on the ground with a blanket and pillow. Did you catch that? A "blanket" was cold down there. Yeah, I know, I guys have had snow and really cold weather but for us, here in a tropical region, it was cold. We each had a blanket and we were curled up and still cold. It was unbelievable!! I was amazing to be able to look up and see millions of stars shining in the night sky because there were no street lights and car lights and such to obstruct the view. It was breath-taking! Greg and Brittany were able to see a shooting star together. A great Daddy-daughter moment indeed. =)

Another first was to be able to cook on a stove outside. It is so different than cooking on a grill. It was fun to try to beat mother nature by blocking the wind so that the flame on the gas stove would stay lit while trying to cook. But that didn't hinder us from making a cake to celebrate a team member's birthday. lol

The team also brought suitcases full of school supplies including pens, pencils, glue, markers, crayons and several hundred notebooks that we were able to take and donate at the school near the Ranch. It was fun to go in to each classroom and listen to the team members take turns in sharing their testimony and then hand out the school supplies to each student. There were several students who stood up before their classmates and either sang a song or gave thanks for the supplies or other forms of gratitude for the gifts they had received. You could see that it touched each team members heart and it was talked about more throughout the evening.

We are very thankful to the team and hope that they are all doing well and are blessed for all the blood, sweat, and tears they pored out to help the dream to become a reality. Blessings and love to each of you!

~The Burge family

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