Friday, October 24, 2008

Lots of quick updates...

This month has a busy one once again...
I, Melynda, celebrated my 37th birthday on the 18th of this month. I don't feel a day older until I think of my daughter going to college next fall. =0

We are getting ready for a team that is coming in from Maryland for an 8 day mission trip. Pray that they will be able to accomplish all that God has planned for them and that we will have safety and protection during all of the traveling.

Remember my story about Mandie and Edwin Speegle? Keep praying for them to get a Tourist Visa to travel to the US. They now have finalized the adoption process here and have Edwin's birth certificate but are waiting on his Dominican Passport and then they can file papers (yeah, more paperwork) to apply for the Visa.

**We urge you to take some time each day to pray over the upcoming elections. There are a lot of churches doing "a prayer a day" or the "prayer for a moment". If you would like more info please contact us or ask your local pastor. It is time that we stand up for our faith and the best way to do so is to get on our knees before God and ask for His guidance, mercy, and direction. All with a repentant heart.

Things are progressing at Restoration Ranch. We will be updating in detail soon. In the meantime be praying for the finances to continue to come in as we approach the end of building walls and soon we will begin the process of pouring the roof! Yeah, 4 homes (building #1) is closer than ever to completion!

An awesome book to read...One Month to Live by Kerry & Chris Shook.
Well....what are you waiting for? Get off the computer and go get that book. *Grin*

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KINA"S said...

What a great testimony of God's perfect timing, Melynda! We love you and pray daily for you all. Blessings and peace, Max and Kina