Sunday, October 26, 2008

We have a car...well almost

We wanted to give you a new update on the car, or Trooper in this case. If you remember we wrote to you several months ago about the opportunity to purchase an Isuzu Trooper from another missionary and we asked for your help and prayers in order to purchase it. We have been here in the D.R. for 3 and a half years without our own car. (Read over past blog post for more info) We are praising the Lord and thanking you because we are only $879.00 away from having it paid in full.
To top it all off the gas prices here have gone down over 30% in the last month! Yeah!!!! We have never seen gas under $5.10 per gallon for regular here in the 3 and a half years and it is now down to $3.90 per gallon. Wow!! It had been hoovering around the $6.00 mark for almost a year. I know that we heard a lot of complaints from people in the States about gas prices going up to $4.00 and while we could sympathize it is all a matter of perspective as you can see we are celebrating about having the same prices you were complaining about so remember to give thanks to God above in everything that you have. When you think your price is high try living here. That doesn't just apply to gas it applies to the cost of food, electricity, housing, clothing, etc. It is all much higher here in a third world country. Many of you who have visited know what I am talking about and the rest of you just need to trust me and again be thankful that God is providing for you and for us!
We ask that you continue to pray with us that the final amount would come in very soon. We know that many of you are facing economic stresses and plaese know that we are praying for you. We understand what you are going through...more than you know. What affects you affects us as so many of you are our supporters and without you we cannot be here doing the work that we are. We pray earnestly that God is providing for your every need and that you will see Him and His faithfulness in the midst of these econmic troubles. Reamin in Him and He will remain in you and He WILL be faithful to you and bless you no matter what the economy is. Trust in, rely on, and believe in Him continuously!
We love you and our prayers are with you!
The Burge family

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