Sunday, April 12, 2009

Brittany has left home...

We now have a new respect for parents who send their children off to college. Letting Brittany leave 6 weeks early to go to Florida throew us all out of wack! She has been working very hard this school year to finish early so that she could travel back to Florida with the team from Bradenton Christian School. She has been blessed with the opportunity to go to high school there for about 6 weeks and enjoy being around other Seniors, go to prom, and go to the library - oh, how she loves her books! =)

We knew that letting her go with them in April was going to be hard but we did not realize just how hard it would be! After enjoying working with one last team with her by our side helping all the way we said so long - we don't like to say goodbye; it is just too final for us - we circled around her and prayed for her (as you can see in the picture on the right side. She is in the center...look at the feet) then we watched her walk through to the check point at the airport with tears being held down with large gulps. As I turned from watching her walk through the doors, leaving us and heading into a new adventure with God, I heard Greg say, "Well that SUCKED!" *Excuse our language. Haha!* It truly did suck! We walked out to the waiting guagua (bus) and loaded it with our heads down and tears beginning to flow. Once we were on the bus Greg asked Guillermo (the driver, who is more like a family member) to put in some music and we each retreated to our own seat to cry. Yes, grown men can and do cry especially when their little girl grows up and leaves home. =) After a while, we came together and talked and cried and then called to see if Brittany was able to get through Customs without a problem (since she is 17 and trying to leave the country without a parent she could have been stopped even with our letter of permission). She was fine and said that she had left us a gift at home, a letter. She even wrote one to Guillermo, she is just too sweet and thoughtful.

When we got to the house we gave Guillermo his letter which he started to read then got choked up so he put it in his pocket and said he would read it later when he was alone. Can you tell she has had an impact on everyone around her? To be honest, we have not read our letter yet...we just can't handle it, not just yet anyway. We are very thankful for all of you who have lifted us up in prayer. We know that Brittany is ready for the world with God by her side and that she is truly in the center of His will for her right now it is just hard to adjust to her being gone especially to another country. Sorry, no pity for those of you who are only a few hours drive from your kids. ;) We are an ocean away and we know that it will only be a few years before she is half a world away as she plans and believes God for His provision and timing for her to go to live in Europe and eventually Isreal.

Please keep us in prayer and more importantly keep Brittany in your prayers as she prepares for college and for the plans and purposes that God has for her in the future.

We love you Brittany and we will miss you, but we are proud of the woman you are becoming! =)

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